Spell Card Problems in th13

Issue #17 resolved
Former user created an issue

The text of nearly all Spell Cards in th13 cuts out or is misaligned, with the Spell Cards of stage 2 being the only exception. I'm not sure if this is still a known issue, but the update on the site said that it should be corrected by now, which it isn't, so I thought I might as well point it out.

Oh and Seiga Kaku's Spell Card #46 does not use the translated name of the card in-game, even though a translation exists and every other card is working properly. It uses the original name instead.

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is still a widely known issue and I made this post for nothing.
Keep up the good work!

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  1. nmlgc repo owner

    Thanks for reporting, I indeed didn't know those. Both are fixed now.

    The alignment bug was exclusive to gensokyo.org's th13 English patch. This was the third time I needed to specifically work around its modifications...

    About that spell card, you were actually referring to #45, the Normal variant of Seiga's midboss spell. Seems as if my parsers just overlooked that one when creating the pages. It is now translatable on the wiki.

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