Game crash after Alice Bossfight

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So after defeating Alice at the end of Stage 3 with Reimu's Homing shot type, an empty text box opens up then nothing happens for a few seconds. After this the gmae just crashes. I'm not sure if it happens with the other shot types or characters but I figured that it should at least be reported.

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  1. Speedy_Fox_IV

    I forgot to add this. I was playing PCB with the the following patches applied in this order. English then British English. The game crash also happens with Reimu's other shot type.

    Edit: It appears to only happen on Reimu's path.

  2. nmlgc repo owner

    I can't reproduce this bug, neither in practice nor in story mode. Does this happen with other patch configurations, too?

  3. Speedy_Fox_IV

    So tried using English stacked with Italian and it worked fine. Tried Engish with Bitish English. Crashed again. I reinstaled the patches and still wouldn't work with that confiuration.

  4. nmlgc repo owner

    I don't know what I did in the meantime, but I ended up reproducing the bug myself now.

    Turns out that the problem was caused by the new creation of a second line in the final message box of a dialog entry (that is, a contiguous in-game section of dialog).

    Normally, this should be no problem. However, up to now, outstanding new lines were only created once a new dialog box is started. This makes sense because there are no "box end commands" in th06 and th07 - the only way to "start a new dialog box" is by writing new text to the first line. You can observe this by deleting the last line of the British English Stage 3 dialog (which, coincidentally, also happens the first line of the next entry). In this case, the last line of the preceding entry won't be created, leaving you with an incomplete message.

    As a result of all this, the last line was created after its entry was finalized and its size was written to the .msg header. This messed up the entry offsets, causing the crash.

    The fix simply consists in checking for and writing any outstanding lines at the end of an entry. I can't upload it immediately due to other critical issues, but this bug can be considered fixed for now.

    Thanks for reporting. That was an interesting test case.

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