(th14) Displaced characters on Score Ranking menu

Issue #34 resolved
Ghildrean created an issue

For some reason, when you input your name on the Score Ranking, the last four characters of the ascii.png are either displaced or with a reduced size. Check the attachment to see what I mean.

I don't know if it's related or not, but this bug appeared after the last update to the binary file.

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  1. nmlgc repo owner

    This was caused by the recent "safe sprintf" binary hacks for ascii.anm output. ZUN uses a custom encoding which must not be converted into UTF-8, but the current implementation of strings_vsprintf requires this. As a result, glitches like these happen when the internal representation of an ascii.anm character is outside the actual ASCII range.

    Since we don't have translations for these yet, I disabled these binary hacks for the time being. However, this also means that we can't translate these safely before I changed this implementation detail in thcrap.

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