Touhou 14 PL - extremely glitched text

Issue #44 resolved
Former user created an issue

As you can see in the attached screencap, a fair share of text in the game appears as a garbled mess - the spell card timer, the loading prompt, the bonus/no bonus prompts and all of the counters on the right side. Furthermore, these strange numbers appear under the name of a spell card.

The issue disappeared for a bit recently and now it's back again. Redownloads and reinstalls did not help at all

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  1. Krzysztof Lewandowski

    Now, copying the English ASCII files of the game into the Polish ASCII folder seems to have done the trick. Someone qualified please swap the ASCII files in the online database and the problem will be solved.

  2. nmlgc repo owner

    This was because the image editor accidentally based the Polish 640x480 version of ascii.png on the original 960x720 version. As a result, all of its sprites appear displaced when running the Polish patch in 640x480.

    I wanted to fix this without getting lost of the Polish terms in the translated image, so I've created a custom edit. Unfortunately, I couldn't really salvage "Porażka" and "Wzrost Mocy" without making them look terrible in the lower resolution after all. Well, at least it doesn't appear glitched anymore.

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