th 6, th 13 and th 14 shortcut does not apperead

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well... hi sir... when i using the thcrap (update 2014-01-27) , the th 6, th 13 and th 14 shortcut does not appeared even during installation they ask to set version of th games. Besides, when i use sandbox development patch, th 6 is accessible but not for th 13 and th 14... can you help me sir?

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  1. nmlgc repo owner

    Please post the log file (thcrap_log.txt) created by thcrap_configure, that will show me exactly what's wrong.

    Without looking at it, I suppose that you were trying to play unofficially patched versions of th13 and th14, which are currently unknown to thcrap. In that case, please also mail the executables you want to run the patch on (th13.exe and th14.exe, I suppose) to

  2. nmlgc repo owner

    Resolved via email correspondence. Apparently there was an extraction malfunction (?) which added several KB of padding to the end of th14.exe.

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