Touhou 7 glitch text?

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Hey Nemeless,what's wrong with this?.Im Rikimaru from Indonesia Translation, I followed all the way and regulations, to make this translation. The first moment I use the patch, walk normally and no glitch.but when I update the patch, and there a glitch. yesterday i translate touhou 8 and i try it on my game,nothing problem and no glitch,all my translation walk normaly except touhou 7.oh yeah i almost forget,im Let's Player from Let's Play & Anime Indonesia. oh and sory about my bad english XD

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  1. nmlgc repo owner

    This bug is fixed in the work-in-progress build.

    This happened because I fixed another serious bug that affected all games since th11: You were able to crash the game by replacing any dialog line with a single '|' character. In doing this, however, I accidentally messed up the line counting for the old dialog text system used in th06, th07 and parts of th08.

    Sorry for all the trouble. ☹

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