Touhou 13 and 14 crashes on Update 1 for Windows 8.1

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On Touhou 13 and 14, if I choose a spell on Spell Practice, the game would crash.

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  1. nmlgc repo owner

    First of all, could you post the log file (thcrap_log.txt) after the crash? That would give me more information about your setup.

    Without knowing anything more specific, could you try deleting the following files before running the game?

    • nmlgc/base_tsa/th13.v1.00c
    • nmlgc/base_tsa/th14.v1.00b

    (You may need to delete different files depending on the version of the games you are running. Also, if you were updating from an older version, these may be in the thpatch/base_tsa directory instead.)

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