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Not a bug at all, but it's just bugging me a bit.

See, I usually play most of my games on external hard disks, which I switch around between computers often. Sometimes the hard disk's directory letter changes (from D:/ to K:/ to L:/ and what have you), which forces me to either modify games.js and all the shortcuts, or running the configuration setup all over again when it happens.

And then there was a time when I have multiple versions of the same game in different places, and I have to wander around the files until I figure out that the configuration doesn't recognize the new version because it already has the old version recorded.

Is it possible to just put the game's address in the shortcut itself instead of having to refer to games.js? (So I can, at least, set up multiple shortcuts for different versions) Or some other way to make this easier?

( Frankly, I think making shortcuts for every single game is kind of messy anyway. Why not just run thcrap itself whenever we want to play and choose the game from there? ... Okay, that's actually messier. But, coming from someone who prefers to open up file explorer instead of using desktop shortcuts, I think I'd like it better.)

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  1. nmlgc repo owner

    Yes, this is already possible. Just edit the shortcuts and replace the game ID (th??) with the full path to the game executable. However, if you have both thcrap and the games on the same hard drive, you can just modify games.js to use relative paths instead.

  2. PseudoMon reporter

    Wait, relative paths, seriously? Awesome. I still think using shortcuts is messy, though, but I still haven't quite wrap up the idea on what to replace it with.

    Also, that's a really fast reply. Thank you.

  3. Kill-o-matic

    I don't think relative paths work in wine if you change the drive letter. And if they did, why not use them by default?

    Windows shortcuts support in Lunux is pretty hack-y anyway, with no thumbnails and needing to use different commands from the terminal. So, yes a better cross-platform solution is needed.

    Probably smarter shortcut generation as well, since right now if you want skipgame and normal shortcuts for the same language you need to run the configuration twice and delete a bunch of useless skipgame shortcuts to custom.exe and the side games that don't have levels to skip. And then there's the manual editing if you want to test different versions and vsynch patches and, yeah, it's a mess.

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