Can thcrap do dialogue timing adjustments?

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Kill-o-matic created an issue

I'm asking because some lines are not on screen long enough to be read by most people. For example, in th10, the 3rd line of Reimu's Stage 1, is cleared almost immediately after displaying it. That one's probably a bug, as it seems to lack the standard time code (10;600) and is the only unskippable line in the level. Something like that should be easy to fix, right?

Also related, the skipgame configuration for th10 causes some of Nitori's lines to not show at all - right after she uses her optical camo.

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  1. nmlgc repo owner

    Any slightest change to the timing anywhere in a stage would immediately desynchronize any replays recorded with the original timing.

    In fact, this was the very first thing I checked in thcrap development. This is why the .msg.jdiff format was designed to operate on text box level (even though this goes against ZUN's line-centric design) and doesn't allow to change wait times or to insert new text boxes.

    You can, however, still provide your own .msg file with these changed timings. To include it in your patch, use the {{thcrap Include}} template on your patch page. See the English or Korean patch pages for examples. (By the way, as shown in the Korean page, this is also how you include custom fonts.) However, I advise against doing that until we have custom replay file name schemes, which will eliminate any confusion about replay compatibility this will invariably cause.

    On the other hand, I did fix the Skipgame issue in Stage 3 of th10 to always execute the midboss death sequence and its dialogue.

  2. Kill-o-matic reporter

    Don't suppose you have some guide on .msg file syntax then? I'm no programmer, and I haven't actually checked if "10;600" does what I think it does. And are the files in {{thcrap Include}} stacked before or after the translations?

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