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Kill-o-matic created an issue

I don't know if anyone from the wiki is actually still reading this, but your parser for the music titles hasn't been keeping up with the new edits since July. I don't know if it's just me (the Bulgarian translation) or everyone since I don't want to experiment in someone's section to find out. I'm aware the wiki is effectively dead now, but if you do get to moving to a new place, make sure all the data is up-to-date first.

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  1. Kill-o-matic reporter

    Okay, somebody did an edit to the Spanish music titles and it went through to the repo. Mine, not so much. What exactly is happening there?

    Edit: The user in question, Goldenhog, was kind enough to point out to me that theme title translation only show up after a subsequent edit to the music comments for the corresponding game (not necessarily the same song). Was it always like that? And it doesn't even update the titles for any of the other games! What kind of sense does that make when themes.js is a global file for all games in its language? Now I have to go back and edit all the music rooms I've translated, because I don't remember where I might have unsynced titles.

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