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Issue #7 wontfix
Kill-o-matic created an issue

th10-13 have all of ZUN's notes in the music rooms start with an eighth note sign (♪), which the patch replaces with a symbol I can't quite identify (I couldn't find where on the wiki the translated music notes were to check). I tried it with all 3 of the included fonts with the same result.

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  1. nmlgc repo owner

    The correct way of displaying a ♪ would either require Unicode support (which the games don't come with) or THSpatial (their font) to work with Shift-JIS (which I would also not know how to do).

    The English patch works around this by just putting the ♪ glyph into the slot of a random, unused ASCII character in the THSpatial font and editing the music room files accordingly. This, of course, can't work with thcrap, as we only accept correct UTF-8 or Shift-JIS for text.

    It's understandable from their point of view - patching in Unicode support would be a significant amount of extra work, which is pretty much pointless for the English language. (They eventually did it in th13, though.)

    It will take some time until we patch the music room ourselves, but then, this will be no issue anymore.

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