Touhou 14 crashes on startup

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Hi there. o.o

I've run the patch, selected the folder, and got the shortcuts for Touhou 14 DDC.

I ran the shortcuts the patcher made. The game window opens, but it follows up with "th14.exe has stopped working". custom.exe works fine though.

Moving from C: to D: drives does not work either (not that it matters, but just in case).

I'm running on Windows 7. The game was Touhou 14 DDC latest version (full game from Playism, NOT the demo).

Any fix and/or at least a response would be nice. Thank you.

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  1. blazeblast4

    I was having the same problem, so today I tried downloading an original version to compare the files to the Playism version, and the patch worked on it. After deleting the original version, I repatched my Playism version, and it worked. The patch seems to be updated to work with the version now, so I recommend giving it a try.

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