Th15 spell names all screwed up

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Krzysztof Lewandowski created an issue

Tested on Lunatic and: -Seiran midboss card is listed in game as Eagle Shooting instead of Speed Strike. -Ringo's 1st card on H/L should be titled "Berry Berry Dango" and not "Strawberry Dango". -Doremy's midboss card should be named "Scarlet Oppressive Nightmare" and not just "Scarlet Nightmare" on H/L. Furthermore, the text gets cut off. -Doremy's first card should be "Dream of Eternal Sorrow" not "Indigo Dream of Sorrow" (the E/L version".

I'm guessing someone screwed up the difficulties during translating, but the text being cut off and Seiran's midboss card being titled after the boss one is propably another issue with paths. At this point, I'd recommend doing spell cards anew with Touhou Wiki.

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