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new recipe from good weekend, 16 october 2010 by matthew evans. baked asparagus and pecorrino.
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Added Beef and Peppercorn Stirfry
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First margarita recipe, from back in the day.
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Added Beef and Peppercorn Stirfry
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Initial guacamole recipe and starting the garlic prawns one too.
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adding in the kale pie recipe from David Gordon - doggydaveus@gmail.com
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adding magic mushroom dust for scrambled eggs in the morning
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updated some of the recipes to make em yummy
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new recipe for stollen added, care of old cut out from mum
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Adding in Tomato and Olive Salad, brilliant with the Garlic Prawns!
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adding the veggie soup recipe
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adding new recipe, wild mushroom and pea risotto. next time i will try with chorizo and see how it goes.
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updated based on the first (very successful) version of the HK wonton noodle soup, muldoon style.... cause i make it up as i go mostly!