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This package installs a minimal set of configuration files in order to use Inn as an NNTP server for the Npemwin nntpfilter. They apply to Debian-9-amd64, and Npemwin-2.4.2 or later.

Some live examples running Npemwin and Inn as setup by this package are

  • 1.nntp.iemwin.net
  • 2.nntp.iemwin.net

A few notes about setting up a client for mobile devices are given in the http://www.emwin.mobi/nntp/ site.

Installation steps

  1. Download the zipped file of this package, from the download panel in the right hand side and unzip it. The instructions below refer to the subdirectories

    • npemwin.site
    • etc.news

    and other files that are in the package directory.

  2. Install npemwin, e.g.,

    dpkg -i npemwin_2.4.2r-1_amd64.deb

    To install missing dependencies

    apt-get install -f

  3. Install inn (NOTE: It must be inn2, not the older inn):

    apt-get install inn2

  4. In the directory


    locate the file


    In that file there are references to the server named "drop1.volkron.net". Change them to match the name of your server, and save the file as


    Do the same thing to the files

    • inn.conf.in
    • readers.conf.in

    which are in the directory


  5. Execute

    make install

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