Npstats is a system for monitoring the NOAAPort signal with respect to signal levels and quality, performance characteristics of the receivers and software processing systems such as Nbsp and Npemwin. Npstats can collect data from a number of devices from a number of sites, and send the data to a remote central server for analysis, display and archival.

The Npstats binary package is configured to monitor the status of the Novra S300 Noaaport receiver by default. Support for the Ayecka SR1 receiver was added in version 0.6. To monitor the Ayecka SR1 the snmp package must be installed, or example in debian and freebsd:

apt-get install snmp
pkg_add -r net-snmp

Then execute the following:

cd /usr/local/etc/npstats
cp dist/devices.conf-ayecka defaults/devices.conf

and to switch back to the Novra S300:

cp dist/devices.conf-novra defaults/devices.conf