1. Noah Gift
  2. bootstrap_pylons


The general idea of this boostrap is to make something that requires
zero extra tools other than python on most systems, and be 99% reliable.

1. bundle go-pylons.py inside a tar file.
2. create a resource directory containing all packages
3. change the virtualenv boostrap script to call the local and relative path

This is the code I changed in virtualenv:

#hack to install local source code
    path = "resources"
    for dir in os.listdir(path):
        source_dir = "%s/%s" % (path,dir)
        subprocess.call([join(bin_dir, 'easy_install'),

Left to do:
I only downloaded manually the Pylons egg by using:
easy_install -eb resources pylons

We need to convert all of the dependencies in setup.py so they go into the 
resources directory.  This could be done by writing a script to parse setup.py 
and then run over each found egg:

easy_install -eb resources "found egg in setup.py"

Then it gets packed into a tar file, and it is done.