Readability module

The Readability (modules) has the methods to determine the readability of a given string (of text). All the methods are extensions to the string class (old Xojo framework) and to the text class (new Xojo framework). It also includes all the methods to do all the counts that the various Scores/Indexes need to do. That way those counts can be used in other programs.

we split the methods into two modules, one for string and one for text. just include the one that you need (old vs new frameworks). you can add both as they dont conflict with each other.

current Readability Scores/Indexes:

The entries are in the format of Readability Score (old framework / new framework) where the version number is the version the method was added to the old or new framework. Coleman Liau Index (v20161204 / 20180219) Flesh Kincaid (v20161204 / 20180219) Gunning Fog (v20161204 / 20180219) U.S. Army FORECAST (v20161204 / 20180219)


currently there is no testing of the scores to make sure the are accurate. In one of the future versions we will add XojoUnit tests against known texts/scores to make sure we are calculating the scores correctly.


currently the methods are not optimized. All methods are using the first try to complete the method over using the best method. Optimizations will come in the future.

source of formulas