This gem will allow you to develop gems using mercurial instead of git.


Install it yourself as:

$ gem install bundler-gem-hg


bundle-gem-hg will inject some monkey-patched code into bundler and then execute bundle gem ALL_YOUR_PARAMS.

If you want to see the available options use bundle help gem.


Firstoff, any model to be used by people should consist of simple, consistent rules. Programming is complex enough without having to worry about elaborate branching directives. Therefore this model boils down to 3 simple rules:

  1. you do all the work on default - except for hotfixes.
  2. on stable you only do hotfixes, merges for release and tagging for release. Only maintainers touch stable.
  3. you can use arbitrary feature-branches, as long as you don't call them default or stable. They always start at default (since you do all the work on default).

A more detailed explaination can be found online at