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no more pauses

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 \frame{\frametitle{Links - Usage}
-	\pause
+	%\pause
 \frame{\frametitle{Groups - Class definition}
 \begin{block}{MainGroup cont...}
-	\pause
+	%\pause
 \textcolor{white}{Interaction over composition.}\\
 \textcolor{white}{Messages over shared variables.}\\
-\textcolor{white}{Balance load on different actors.}\\
+\textcolor{white}{Balance load among different actors.}\\
 \textcolor{white}{Let it crash and reload a safe state.}

File images/celluloid-with-site.png

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File images/rscfi_mark_neg_big.png

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File slides.tex

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           bullet=circle,% Use circles instead of squares for bullets.
           titleline=true,% Show a line below the frame title.
           alternativetitlepage=true,% Use the fancy title page.
-          titlepagelogo=images/celluloid-mark,% Logo for the first page.
-          %watermark=licenza_small,% Watermark used in every page.
-          %watermarkheight=2px,% Height of the watermark.
+          titlepagelogo=images/celluloid-with-site,% Logo for the first page.
+          watermark=images/rscfi_mark_neg_big,% Watermark used in every page.
+          watermarkheight=2px,% Height of the watermark.
           %watermarkheightmult=4,% The watermark image is 4 times bigger
                                 % than watermarkheight.