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multitarget build

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 desc 'Build an publish to the web'
-task :publish => [:compile] do
+task :publish do
 	cd(folder) do
 		rm_rf dest
 		cp_r 'bin', dest
 		cp 'build.log', dest
+desc "Copile for all target"
+task :compile_all
+def compile_for(arch)
+	my_task = "compile_#{arch}".to_sym
+	desc "Compile for #{arch}"
+	task my_task => [:feed_update, :feed_install] do
+		cd(folder) do
+			cp "config.#{arch}", ".config"
+			sh BUILD_CMD do |ok, res|
+	    		if ! ok
+	      			puts "BUILD FAILED!"
+	      			cp 'build.log', File.join(dest, + "#{arch}_error.log")
+	      		end
+	    	end
+		end
+	end
+	task :compile_all => my_task
+compile_for 'fonera'
+compile_for 'ar71xx'
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