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Alessio Caiazza
start new patch on default
Kjartan Maraas
Updated Norwegian bokmål translation.
Sílvia Miranda
[l10n]Updated Catalan translation
Updated Greek translation
Daniel Nylander
Updated Swedish translation
Ivar Smolin
[l10n] Updated Estonian translation
Lucian Adrian Grijincu
Updated Romanian translation
Kostas Milonas
l10n: Updated Greek translation for tasque
Carles Ferrando
Updated Catalan (Valencian) translation
Christian Kirbach
[l10n] Updated German translation
Mateus Zenaide
Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation
Kjartan Maraas
Updated Norwegian bokmål translation
Marek Černocký
Updated Czech translation
Josef Bacik
[rtm] Do not start RTM refresher thread until we're configured
Joe Hansen
Updated Danish translation
Kristjan Schmidt
Updated Esperanto translation
Kristjan Schmidt
Updated Esperanto translation
Gil Forcada
Added Catalan translation
Gabor Kelemen
Updated Hungarian translation
Fran Dieguez
Updated Galician translations
Mario Carrion
[hm] Fixes crash when backend is loaded. (bgo #579428)
Mario Blättermann
Updated German translation
Mario Carrion
Flag added to toggle timer when task is marked as done.
Mario Carrion
Fix crash when "task done" animation is running and task values are manually changed (bgo #591090)
Mario Carrion
[sqlite] Using GetInt64 to get stored [completion|due]date (bgo #614505)
Updated Indonesian translation
Mario Carrion
NativeApplication moved to libtasque/
António Lima
Updated Portuguese translation
Mario Carrion
ChangeLogs removed. updated to generate ChangeLog.
Mario Carrion
[i18n] More information added for translators.
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