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utapyngo created an issue

I want to be able to see how much time I have spent today, since midnight.

Currently I am using

$sampleage <= 13:00 ==> tag Today,

but it is not since midnight.

What I want is the $today variable:

$date == $today => tag Today,
week $date == week $today => tag This-week,
month $date == month $today => tag This-month,
year $date == year $today => tag This-year,

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  1. nomeata repo owner

    There are two issues here:

    • Adding $today (or better: $now, since it is a datetime). Quite a reasonable request.
    • Interpolating variables like $date and expressions like (year $date) in strings. That is more tricky, and needs thought.
  2. nomeata repo owner

    Not really, other projects too important right now. Is that something that would be nice to have for you, or is it a serious show-stopper?

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