arbtt-capture segfaults frequently

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Неточка Незванова created an issue

Several times a day. I couldn't get the reproduction pattern though.

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  1. nomeata repo owner

    Hi. Thanks for your report.

    Any particularly strange window names, i.e. unicode characters or the like?

  2. Неточка Незванова reporter

    No, it doesn't seem so. It've just crashed without any non-ascii titles for the last two minutes.

  3. nomeata repo owner

    Does this still happen? If not I think I have to close this for lack of information or any ideas how to debug this.

  4. Неточка Незванова reporter

    I cannot test it since arbtt now requires an old version of ghc (base).

  5. amenthes

    I have this very frequently with Ubuntu 17.10, It is the case both with the packaged version ( and with the current master from git (version #a6666cf).

    This appears to happen after a few samples. If I start arbtt-capture with a short sample duration, -r 10 perhaps, it will happen sooner. If I start it with -r 120 it will usually take longer.

    I currently don't really know how to debug this any further, I tried starting it with gdb, but I have no debug binaries (and I couldn't easily figure out how to compile with debug traces). I'm very willing to help out further, but I will need some pointers on how to do so.

  6. amenthes may have fixed segfaults for me. It's been running for a long time now. (it used to chrash after one minute pretty consistently before). Working with window titles including german umlauts, japanese characters and emoji.

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