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Issue #31 resolved
nomeata repo owner created an issue

As noted in, the latest version of arbtt does not compile on windows, as it uses the unix library in a few places, namely:

  • In src/stats-main.hs to get the size of the logfile (fileSize <$> getFileStatus (optLogFile flags))
  • In src/TimeLog.hs, to make sure the log file is readable only by the current user.
  • In tests/test.hs to set TZ=UTC so that the tests run with a determined timezone.

For these we need to decide whether

  • there is a portable way to do it, or
  • they can simply be skipped on windows (e.g. using CPP), or
  • they can be implemented differently on windows, and the right code to be selected with CPP.

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  1. amenthes

    so far i used capture, dump and stats. They all seemed to work as advertised. I have no experience with import or recover, so it's hard for me to test manually.

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