Linux: (Gnome) No time tracking on secondary screen

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Former user created an issue

I really like arbtt, since it does what I need and is simple to use.

However I noticed that there doesn't seem to be any time tracking on my secondary screen in Fedora 26 Gnome. Is this a known issue?

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  1. nomeata repo owner

    No, not yet a known issue.

    Is it not tracking the windows, or is it not marking the right one as active?

    Does the output of

    arbtt-capture -d

    look reasonable? Does wmctrl -l list all windows properly?

  2. Allan Brighton

    Both of those commands list the windows on both screens correctly. In fact, when I tested it just now, it seems that arbtt-stats --for-each=day is showing the correct results for both screens now. It must have been another issue. Thanks.

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