Arbtt Open Process Permission Denied Issue

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Issue #43 new
Aparna created an issue

The issue occurs in Windows 7 whenever starting a system the prompt comes up with the error message "Open Process: Permission Denied(Access denied)". It comes once in a day very intermittent issue. Please see the attached screenshot. Looking forward for your response.

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  1. nomeata repo owner

    Unfortunately, I don’t use Windows myself, so I cannot reproduce the issue.

    Maybe you accidentially start arbtt-capture multiple times?

  2. nomeata repo owner

    Ah, maybe it happens when you run a program with elevated system privilieges, and Windows does not allow arbtt-capture to read the window title of those?

  3. Aparna reporter

    When this error comes up I checked on task manager arbtt capture was on process list checked Security tab and changed all the permissions gave full control to User Still the error comes after restarting

  4. nomeata repo owner

    Ah, it seems that this was already reported at #26, and there is a fix. But maybe not in your version? Which version of arbtt are you using?

  5. nomeata repo owner

    I guess this fix is in which has not been released for Windows. Looks like I need to cut a new windows release (which I have not done in a long time, I hope I can still compile it for windows).

  6. Aparna reporter

    Iam using Arbtt 0.6.1 version Can you give us any expected date for version for Windows.

  7. Aparna reporter

    I uninstalled the 0.6.1 version and installed 0.9.1 version during installation there was prompt error coming access denied but the installation got finished. And no error after that. Just wanna ask is the installation complete?

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