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amenthes created an issue


I recently had a series of system crashes due to faulty hardware. It appears that my captus.log has been corrupted each time. When I try to run arbtt-stats on it, it will fail with these messages at some point.

I believe there should be further correct entries at the end of the log, at least I hope there are more entries after the faulty section. My problem is, that I noticed the problem a few days later, when I ran arbtt-stats. The capture itself seemed to hum along just fine.

Here's the output of arbtt-stats:

$ arbtt-stats --logfile ~/.arbtt/capture-2017-11-29.log
Processing data [==================================================>......]  89%
arbtt-stats: Unsupported TimeLogEntry version tag 0
CallStack (from HasCallStack):
  error, called at src/Data.hs:90:15 in main:Data

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  1. Baptiste Phlippoteau


    I just got the same problem, and while I found the answer in an old mailing list before finding this issue, I think it’s worth improving the error message with the existence of “arbtt-recover” and the possibility to then overwrite the capture log. Maybe it could be run automatically too, if there is no better alternative anyway..?

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