MS Windows - Capture Desktop-name (Win10) or Command line args of programms

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I use multiple Firefox-profiles but it appears to be not possible to differentiate them with the given possibilities.

Is there a way to parse the command-line args of the started programms? I would consider this a very usefull feature, even in different cases: Everytime when one is not able to set the window-title (e.g. because the application does not allow this) one can use bogous command-line arguments to create a detectable difference.

Alternetivly (ideally, additivly) capturing the Desktop, currently used (Windows 10 feature) would be great. Currently if I use the rule

tag Desktop:$desktop,

I get a result like this: "Desktop:". Apparently the $desktop-variable is not correctly populated.

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  1. nomeata repo owner

    Both are reasonable requests. Especially Desktop should be supported on Windows, as it is already supported on Linux.

    That said, I am not doing much arbtt development these days (especially not on Windows), so maybe someone else can pick it up.

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