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I've been using arbtt on Mac OS for the better part of a week. A lot of my workday is spent in Chrome because I have several Google accounts that I switch between for various projects. In arbtt-dump, I always see two Chrome windows - one with a blank title and one with the actual active page I was looking at. When this sample was taken, I had the Dashboard tab open on my desktop, but the blank page is displayed.

2019-01-10 21:04:16 (353ms inactive):
    (*) Google Chrome:
    ( ) Google Chrome:  Dashboard
    ( ) Atom:           categorize.cfg — ~/.arbtt
    ( ) iTerm2:         1. fish  /Users/bbennett/Desktop/dev/arbtt-graph (fish)
    ( ) Finder:         arbtt-graph
    ( ) Notes:          Notes

Chrome is the only program this happens in. Are there other Mac users seeing the same thing? Because Chrome logs empty titles as active, I lose out on a lot of information about what I'm working on in the browser.

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