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After a while of tinkering with arbtt (this has some true potential to replace everything time tracking wise for me, I'm really excited about this tool), I noticed that the version I have isn't the latest one.

Ubuntu 18.04 has arbtt but the documentation states the latest version being 0.10.2 Is there a maintainer for the Ubuntu package, and is there any update coming to 18.04?

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  1. nomeata repo owner

    I believe Ubuntu copies these packages from Debian, and Debian unstable has 0.10.1. I don’t think 18.04 is going to see an update, and newer versions of arbtt will trickle into newer versions of Ubuntu eventually.

    But arbtt doesn’t change a lot, if you look at http://arbtt.nomeata.de/doc/users_guide/release-notes.html you’ll see that you are not missing much.

    If you really want you can also install it from source via cabal: http://arbtt.nomeata.de/doc/users_guide/index.html#idp46432013336864

  2. Mat Rich

    I tried this out (Ubuntu 18.04) and got this as a result:

    \$ sudo cabal install arbtt
    Resolving dependencies...
    Downloading data-default-class-
    Downloading deepseq-
    Downloading ghc-boot-th-8.6.5...
    Configuring data-default-class-
    Downloading integer-logarithms-1.0.3...
    Configuring deepseq-
    Downloading mtl-2.2.2...
    Configuring integer-logarithms-1.0.3...
    Building data-default-class-
    Building deepseq-
    Building integer-logarithms-1.0.3...
    Downloading old-locale-
    Configuring mtl-2.2.2...
    Downloading primitive-
    Configuring old-locale-
    Installed data-default-class-
    Downloading split-
    Building mtl-2.2.2...
    Building old-locale-
    Downloading stm-
    Downloading strict-0.3.2...
    Installed deepseq-
    Configuring ghc-boot-th-8.6.5...
    Configuring split-
    Installed integer-logarithms-1.0.3
    Building ghc-boot-th-8.6.5...
    Downloading terminal-size-
    Downloading transformers-compat-0.6.5...
    Building split-
    Downloading unliftio-core-
    Configuring primitive-
    Installed old-locale-
    Downloading bytestring-
    Building primitive-
    Downloading containers-
    Downloading dlist-
    Installed split-
    Configuring stm-
    Downloading pretty-
    Configuring strict-0.3.2...
    Installed mtl-2.2.2
    Building stm-
    Downloading time-
    Building strict-0.3.2...
    Downloading data-default-instances-old-locale-0.0.1...
    Configuring terminal-size-
    Installed ghc-boot-th-8.6.5
    Building terminal-size-
    Configuring unliftio-core-
    Installed strict-0.3.2
    Configuring transformers-compat-0.6.5...
    Installed stm-
    Building unliftio-core-
    Building transformers-compat-0.6.5...
    Configuring bytestring-
    Installed terminal-size-
    Building bytestring-
    Installed unliftio-core-
    Configuring dlist-
    Building dlist-
    Configuring pretty-
    Installed dlist-
    Downloading data-default-instances-dlist-0.0.1...
    Building pretty-
    Configuring data-default-instances-old-locale-0.0.1...
    Installed transformers-compat-0.6.5
    Building data-default-instances-old-locale-0.0.1...
    Configuring containers-
    Installed data-default-instances-old-locale-0.0.1
    Building containers-
    Configuring time-
    Installed pretty-
    Downloading template-haskell-
    Installed primitive-
    Downloading vector-
    Configuring data-default-instances-dlist-0.0.1...
    Building data-default-instances-dlist-0.0.1...
    Installed data-default-instances-dlist-0.0.1
    Configuring vector-
    Building time-
    Building vector-
    Configuring template-haskell-
    Installed bytestring-
    Downloading pcre-light-
    Downloading utf8-string-
    Building template-haskell-
    Installed time-
    Downloading bytestring-progress-1.2...
    Downloading random-1.1...
    Configuring utf8-string-
    Downloading time-locale-compat-
    Building utf8-string-
    Downloading unix-
    Configuring pcre-light-
    Installed utf8-string-
    Failed to install pcre-light-
    Build log ( /home/user1/.cabal/logs/pcre-light- ):
    cabal: Entering directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-14570/pcre-light-'
    Configuring pcre-light-
    cabal: Missing dependency on a foreign library:

    • Missing C library: pcre
      This problem can usually be solved by installing the system package that
      provides this library (you may need the "-dev" version). If the library is
      already installed but in a non-standard location then you can use the flags
      --extra-include-dirs= and --extra-lib-dirs= to specify where it is.
      cabal: Leaving directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-14570/pcre-light-'
      Configuring bytestring-progress-1.2...
      Building bytestring-progress-1.2...
      Configuring time-locale-compat-
      Installed bytestring-progress-1.2
      Building time-locale-compat-
      Configuring random-1.1...
      Installed time-locale-compat-
      Building random-1.1...
      Configuring unix-
      Installed random-1.1
      Building unix-
      Installed containers-
      Downloading binary-
      Downloading data-default-instances-containers-0.0.1...
      Configuring binary-
      Building binary-
      Configuring data-default-instances-containers-0.0.1...
      Installed template-haskell-
      Downloading exceptions-0.10.2...
      Downloading tagged-0.8.6...
      Installed unix-
      Building data-default-instances-containers-0.0.1...
      Configuring tagged-0.8.6...
      Downloading th-abstraction-
      Downloading base-compat-0.10.5...
      Building tagged-0.8.6...
      Downloading directory-
      Installed data-default-instances-containers-0.0.1
      Downloading data-default-
      Configuring th-abstraction-
      Building th-abstraction-
      Configuring exceptions-0.10.2...
      Installed tagged-0.8.6
      Building exceptions-0.10.2...
      Configuring base-compat-0.10.5...
      Installed exceptions-0.10.2
      Downloading resourcet-1.2.2...
      Installed th-abstraction-
      Configuring directory-
      Building base-compat-0.10.5...
      Building directory-
      Configuring data-default-
      Installed base-compat-0.10.5
      Building data-default-
      Configuring resourcet-1.2.2...
      Installed data-default-
      Downloading X11-1.9...
      Installed binary-
      Downloading text-
      Configuring X11-1.9...
      Building resourcet-1.2.2...
      Failed to install X11-1.9
      Build log ( /home/user1/.cabal/logs/X11-1.9.log ):
      cabal: Entering directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-14569/X11-1.9'
      Configuring X11-1.9...
      configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --with-compiler
      checking for gcc... /usr/bin/gcc
      checking whether the C compiler works... yes
      checking for C compiler default output file name... a.out
      checking for suffix of executables...
      checking whether we are cross compiling... no
      checking for suffix of object files... o
      checking whether we are using the GNU C compiler... yes
      checking whether /usr/bin/gcc accepts -g... yes
      checking for /usr/bin/gcc option to accept ISO C89... none needed
      checking how to run the C preprocessor... /usr/bin/gcc -E
      checking for X... no
      configure: error: in /tmp/cabal-tmp-14569/X11-1.9': configure: error: X11 libraries not found, so X11 package cannot be built Seeconfig.log' for more details
      cabal: Leaving directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-14569/X11-1.9'
      Configuring text-
      Installed directory-
      Building text-
      Installed resourcet-1.2.2
      Installed vector-
      Downloading vector-algorithms-
      Configuring vector-algorithms-
      Building vector-algorithms-
      Installed vector-algorithms-
      Installed text-
      Downloading hashable-
      Downloading parsec-
      Downloading terminal-progress-bar-
      Configuring hashable-
      Configuring parsec-
      Building hashable-
      Building parsec-
      Configuring terminal-progress-bar-
      Building terminal-progress-bar-
      Installed hashable-
      Downloading scientific-
      Downloading unordered-containers-
      Downloading uuid-types-1.0.3...
      Configuring scientific-
      Configuring uuid-types-1.0.3...
      Building scientific-
      Building uuid-types-1.0.3...
      Configuring unordered-containers-
      Installed terminal-progress-bar-
      Building unordered-containers-
      Installed uuid-types-1.0.3
      Installed parsec-
      Installed scientific-
      Downloading attoparsec-
      Configuring attoparsec-
      Building attoparsec-
      Installed unordered-containers-
      Downloading mono-traversable-
      Configuring mono-traversable-
      Building mono-traversable-
      Installed attoparsec-
      Downloading aeson-
      Configuring aeson-
      Building aeson-
      Failed to install aeson-
      Build log ( /home/user1/.cabal/logs/aeson- ):
      cabal: Entering directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-14566/aeson-'
      Configuring aeson-
      Building aeson-
      Preprocessing library aeson-
      [ 1 of 24] Compiling Data.Attoparsec.Time.Internal ( attoparsec-iso8601/Data/Attoparsec/Time/Internal.hs, dist/build/Data/Attoparsec/Time/Internal.o )

    attoparsec-iso8601/Data/Attoparsec/Time/Internal.hs:24:1: warning: [-Wunused-imports]
    The import of ‘Unsafe.Coerce’ is redundant
    except perhaps to import instances from ‘Unsafe.Coerce’
    To import instances alone, use: import Unsafe.Coerce()
    [ 2 of 24] Compiling Data.Attoparsec.Time ( attoparsec-iso8601/Data/Attoparsec/Time.hs, dist/build/Data/Attoparsec/Time.o )
    [ 3 of 24] Compiling Data.Aeson.Types.Internal ( Data/Aeson/Types/Internal.hs, dist/build/Data/Aeson/Types/Internal.o )

    Data/Aeson/Types/Internal.hs:398:17: error:
    • Can't find interface-file declaration for type constructor or class Language.Haskell.TH.Lib.ExpQ
    Probable cause: bug in .hi-boot file, or inconsistent .hi file
    Use -ddump-if-trace to get an idea of which file caused the error
    • In the expression: [| Null |]
    In an equation for ‘lift’: lift Null = [| Null |]
    In the instance declaration for ‘TH.Lift Value’
    cabal: Leaving directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-14566/aeson-'
    Installed mono-traversable-
    Downloading conduit-
    Configuring conduit-
    Building conduit-
    Installed conduit-
    cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
    X11-1.9 failed during the configure step. The exception was:
    ExitFailure 1
    aeson- failed during the building phase. The exception was:
    ExitFailure 1
    arbtt-0.10.2 depends on pcre-light- which failed to install.
    pcre-light- failed during the configure step. The exception was:
    ExitFailure 1

    Installing pcre-light was easy enough, but then there are issues of finding the right dependencies for X11-1.9 and aeson. I’m sorry to say but “just running “ $ cabal install arbtt as the documentation suggests is at least in my case a bit away from the intended result.

    I’ll just stick to the older version of arbtt that can be installed by apt. Unfortunately, it also means that I won’t be able to use some of the features that are included in the current documentation such as $now and condition.

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