Can I duplicate rules and tag them differently?

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Mat Rich created an issue

I’m starting to get to a point where my research and testing into how to configure the categorizer is paying off.

There is however one thing I’d like to know how and/or if it can be accomplished;

I have not seen this kind of example mentioned before, and it could be that I’m just doing this in a somewhat incorrect way, but I’d like to be able to tag the same ruleset multiple times, but with another tag for each.


current window $program == ”gnome-terminal-server” &&
current window $title =~ m!project1!
==> tag Project1:Terminal,

current window $program == ”gnome-terminal-server” &&
current window $title =~ m!project1!
==> tag Programming:Project1,

current window $program == ”gnome-terminal-server” &&
current window $title =~ m!project1!
==> tag Computer_work,

My train of thought here is that I’ll be able to produce different kinds of calculated sums by retagging the same ruleset.

The results I see so far is that the first ruleset is resolved and shows up, but the consecutive ones are not being resolved, at least not from my tests.

How would I be able to produce these outcomes, preferably using only one categorizer file?

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  1. nomeata repo owner

    If I understand you correctly then you may want to play with separating the rules with , instead of ; – then all rules should be applied independently and you get all the tags.

  2. Mat Rich reporter

    I’ve tried to figure out how to use , and ; to affect the rules, but it’s still not really clear to me what happens when I do this.

    Do you have an example of your suggestion that you could share? At this point I’m trying to understand what a , as compared to a ; does, and if you have an idea of how such a rule would be written it would certainly help. It doesn’t have to be exact to my issue, I just need something to refer to within the context of my issue.

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