Haskell Spacegoo

Using this library you can quickly create code to take part in a game of Rocket Scissor Spacegoo; see for more details on the game.

To install this library, just call cabal install haskell-spacegoo (and apt-get install cabal-install first if required). Then you can write your Haskell clients.

Here is a minimal example, that just sends all ships from one planet to an enemy planet:

import Game.Spacegoo
import Data.List (find)

main = client 8000 "" "username" "password" myStrategy

myStrategy s = do
    aPlanet <- find (\p -> planetOwner p == me s) (planets s)
    otherPlanet <- find (\p -> planetOwner p == he s) (planets s)
    return (planetId aPlanet, planetId otherPlanet, planetShips aPlanet)

See the documentation of the Game.Spacegoo modules for more information on how to write strategies, and for more examples.