Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Changed some wording on a readme.
Changed up the comments slightly. Noticed a small bug in the logic of when to check for repeating characters. It makes me wonder if part of that check is needed. I might check it in more detail in the morning.
Added a shared script for the file manipulation code used in both unspell and spellcheck. Finished working on the unspell code and cleaned it up.
Added string extension to deal with vowels and changing capital letters and also finished porting the code of the main driver. Now I need to make the interface for the command line and then port the unspeller over.
Oops, forgot to save the file before committing.
Added the beginnings of the ruby solution. I am off to a good start.
Moved the solution into a C# folder. I will now port the solution to Ruby.
Woops. Missed a file. It might not be important but I will look into what files are important with NUnit later.
Added a dictionary and a hashset to store words that don't work and at what level they are at when they don't work. This speeds up the program significantly with words that have a lot of repetitions.
Added a README and removed unused files.
I believe this to be the final commit. I can't find any issues after running a test of over 3 million words.
Pretty much done now. Just going to check to see if any comments are now obsolete and maybe clean up any variable names if they need it.
Finished the unspeller. Found some bugs in trying to make them work together. Working on those.
Added the unspeller project. Started doing work on it. Still have a fair amount to do.
Changed the code structure of the spellcheck program. Removed the library. It was unnecessary after I found out that that the error I was getting from running nunit was solved by running the other nunit exe in the folder.
Updated the program to use a hash instead of a list for nodes. Removed the word field and I now backtrack the tree to get the actual word so that fixes the Wake and wake problem.
Initial commit of the spellchecker problem. It is just about done. I want change the list of nodes to a dictionary of nodes hashed by the letter of the alphabet. I also noticed that the dictionary used also has some words capatlized and in lower case, so I want to handle that case. It currently overwrites it with the last one in.