Wetland Science Perspectives From South 11

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Wetland Science: Perspectives From South 11


Laboratory of Wetland Science Laboratory of Wetland Ecological Processes Research Platform Interim Secretariat, . combined with 11 field research stations in national .

Perspectives on Cannabis Controversies, Treatment and Regulations in E Applied Natural Science Environmental Issues and Global Perspectives .

Wetland Science: Perspectives From South Asia - Kindle edition by B. Anjan Kumar Prusty, Rachna Chandra, P. A. Azeez.

wetland science practice & published by the Society of Wetland Scientists. Vol. 34, No.

Among these wetland types, the area of the marsh wetland decreased most obviously. In 1987, it occupied 0.5% of the total area, but in 2002, it only occupied 0.11%. .
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