Globally distributed continuous healthcare for globetrotters with chronic conditions, applying AI and blockchain to change lives for the better.

Delivered as a universal (nee isomporhic) Clojurescript React dApp. Runs on Docker and Heroku using node express, bootstrap, and material design, with hotloaded code shared between frontend and backend.


To use AI powered preliminary diagnostics, request a developer account from InferMedica:

Add the provided app id and key to a .envfile on the toplevel of the project:


Deploy with Docker

Start a local web server with an etherium blockchain:

docker-compose up

Access http://localhost:5000 from a browser.

To only start the Ethereum blockchain client:

docker-compose up blockchain

Run Locally

Requirements: leiningen, heroku, npm

To start a server on your own computer:

lein do clean, deps, compile
heroku local web

Point your browser to the displayed local port. Click on the displayed text to refresh.

Deploy to Heroku

Set the heroku environment with the keys from Infermedica:

heroku config:set INFERMEDICA_APP_ID=...
heroku config:set INFERMEDICA_APP_KEY=...

To start a server on Heroku:

heroku apps:create
git push heroku master
heroku open

This will open the site in your browser.

Development Workflow

Start figwheel for interactive development with automatic builds and code loading:

lein figwheel app server

Wait until Figwheel is ready to connect, then start a server in another terminal:

lein run

Open the displayed URL in a browser. Figwheel will push code changes to the app and server.

Alternatively, to set the local environment from a .env file, start the server with:

heroku local web

To test the system, execute:

lein test


Copyright © 2018 Terje Norderhaug

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (atyour option) any later version.