A collection of XML-based tools to generate source code and programs

ns-xml components

Program interface definition framework

Generation of command line option parser, usage string, bash completion file, XUL GUI etc. from a single XML description of a program interface (options, positional arguments & subcommands)

XSH - XML shell script

A basic XML structure to write reusable and portable UNIX shell script code across interpreters (bash, zsh, ksh)

XSLT stylesheet library

Various XSLT stylesheet to generate code and documents

See the online documentation # Source structure # * ns The source directory sh UNIX shellscript tools to build program parser etc. xbl XBL element library xsh XML shell scripts applications & libraries xsl XSLT stylesheet library resources Development resources tools Development tools unittests Tests for the program interface definition framework scripts Scripts & configurations files for IDE (mostly for Eclipse)

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