gevent / AUTHORS

Gevent is written and maintained by

  Denis Bilenko

and the contributors (ordered alphabetically):

  Daniele Varrazzo
  Jason Toffaletti
  Ludvig Ericson
  Marcus Cavanaugh
  Matt Goodall
  Mike Barton
  Nicholas Piël
  Örjan Persson
  Ralf Schmitt
  Randall Leeds
  Ted Suzman
  Uriel Katz

Gevent is inspired by and uses some code from eventlet which was written by

  Bob Ipollito
  Donovan Preston

The libevent wrappers are based on pyevent by

  Dug Song
  Martin Murray

The win32util module is taken from Twisted.

Some modules (local and ssl) are adaptations of the modules from the Python standard library.

If your code is used in gevent and you are not mentioned above, please contact the maintainer.
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