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 			Should GeneDesign install scripts? [ Y ]
 			Where should GeneDesign scripts be installed? [ /usr/local/bin/ ]
 			Enable GD::Graphics support? [ Y ]
-			Enable EMBOSS palindrome for hairpin detection? [ Y ]
-			Enable BLAST+ for similarity detection (SLOW)? [ Y ]
-			Enable vmatch for similarity detection (LESS SLOW)? [ Y ]
 You may need to install some additional perl modules for it to work:
 Then enjoy GeneDesign.
-Are you trying to use Vmatch with GeneDesign? Are you getting these kinds of
-   --------------------- WARNING ---------------------
-   MSG: Use of method no_sequences() is deprecated, use num_sequences() instead
-   To be removed in 1.0075
-   ---------------------------------------------------
-   UNIVERSAL->import is deprecated and will be removed in a future perl at
-   /global/common/genepool/usg/languages/perl/5.16.0/lib/site_perl/5.16.0/
-   Bio/Grep/Backend/ line 37.
-These are caused by code in the parsing package GeneDesign uses to read Vmatch
-output. To remove these (harmless but annoyingly persistent) warnings, use the
-patches in the BioGrepPatch folder. Bio::Grep::BackendI needs to be patched as
-described in BackendI.patch, and Bio::Grep::Backend::Vmatch needs to be patched
-as described in Vmatch.patch.