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Revision history for Bio::GeneDesign

5.52 13.10.30
	Fixed a problem where tests fail on systems that have never had GeneDesign installed

5.51 13.10.22
	Used Module::Build prompt to avoid breaking automated tests

5.50 13.10.21
	Took out all segmentation (building block and oligo design) and removed to
	a separate package.

5.00  12.05.12
  Added an OO interface for GeneDesign
  updated every library, they are no longer called directly
  Dropped support (for now) for building block design for USER or restricition
    enzyme assembly
3.05	12.01.11
	Added unit tests for many functions, slight rearrangement of locations
	Started making objects - RestrictionEnzyme object, inherits Bio::Root::Root
3.04	11.12.28
	Took out hard coded codon tables and added codon parsing functions in their place
	Added configure_GeneDesign to create a hashref of GD configuration options

3.03    11.12.02
	Added POD coverage to naked private functions, cleaned some POD

3.01	11.11.28
	Corrected RestrictionEnzymes.pm to properly import Basic functions

3.00    11.11.28
    Third version added to cpan and bitbucket