Christos Nouskas avatar Christos Nouskas committed 476c3ad

3.6.5-2: fix nasty dcache.c bug

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 true && pkgname=('linux-pf' 'linux-pf-headers')
 arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
 	'logo_linux_mono.pbm.bz2'		# the Arch Linux boot logos
 	'logo_linux_vga16.ppm.bz2'		#
-        'change-default-console-loglevel.patch'
+	'change-default-console-loglevel.patch'
+	'dcache.patch'
 	"${_pfpatchhome}${_pfpatchname}.bz2")	# the -pf patchset
   # end linux-ARCH patches
+  # don't call cifs_lookup on hashed, negative dentry
+  msg "Patching dcache.c"
+  patch -Np1 -i "${srcdir}/dcache.patch"
    if [ "$CARCH" = "x86_64" ]; then
 	cat "${startdir}/config.x86_64" >| .config
+            'c49eca2478b7d911ee95a61c3f9080082b982ba4de34b9acff9b1ff2d5224957'
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