Christos Nouskas avatar Christos Nouskas committed 9b4067a

3.6.8-2 Fix depends() in headers()

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 true && pkgname=('linux-pf' 'linux-pf-headers')
 arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
   pkgdesc="Header files and scripts for building modules for linux-pf kernel."
 #  depends=('linux-pf')
   IFS=' ' read -a conflicts <<<${_conflicts}
-  [[ ${cpuopt} ]] && pkgname=${pkgname}-${cpuopt} && depends=${depends}-${cpuopt}
+  [[ ${cpuopt} ]] && pkgname=${pkgname}-${cpuopt}
+# && depends=${depends}-${cpuopt}
   [[ ${cpuoptdesc} ]] && pkgdesc=${pkgdesc}${cpuoptdesc}
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