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The default branch has multiple heads

How-to maintain this PKGBUILD

* On minor bumps only, i.e. 3.1.x --> 3.2: Check the stock -ARCH kernel package
  1. Change the $_minor and $_pfrel numbers to the new ones. Reset $pkgrel to 1.
  2. Copy both config and config.x86_64 into our package to ensure mimimum
     deviation from the main distro kernel.
  3. Copy any new *.patch files. Remove those no longer in mainline.
  4. Make sure the respective patch commands are added/removed from the PKGBUILD.
  5. Compare the package_linux() and package_linux-pf() sections, especially from
     'KARCH=x86' and below. They should be almost identical, with -ARCH replaced
     by -pf.
  6. Compare the package_linux-headers() with package_linux-headers-pf() sections.
     They should be identical, except for the provides/conflicts/replaces.
  7. Run makepkg. All patches should apply cleanly, otherwise resolve. When asked,
     configure the kernel. What needs to be changed is:

     a. General Setup  --->  Kernel compression mode (LZMA)
        Also, clear "Local version - append to kernel release"
     b. -*- Enable the block layer  ---> IO Schedulers  --->
	<M> Deadline I/O scheduler
	<M> CFQ I/O scheduler
	[*]   CFQ Group Scheduling
	<*> BFQ I/O scheduler
	[*]   BFQ hierarchical scheduling support
	Default I/O scheduler (BFQ)
     c. Processor type and features  --->  Timer frequency (1000 HZ)
     d. Power management and ACPI options  --->  <*> Enhanced Hibernation (TuxOnIce)  --->
	<M>   File Allocator
	<M>   Swap Allocator
	<M>   Compression support
	<M>   Userspace User Interface support
	(/usr/sbin/tuxoniceui) Default userui program location
	[*]   Replace swsusp by default
	[*]   Wait for initrd/ramfs to run, by default
	(7000) Default extra pages allowance
    e. Networking support  --->  Networking options  --->
       [*] Network packet filtering framework (Netfilter)  --->
       Core Netfilter Configuration  --->
       <M>   "IMQ" target support
       <M>   "layer7" match support
    f. File systems  --->  -*- Miscellaneous filesystems  --->
       <M>   Aufs (Advanced multi layered unification filesystem) support
       Select ([*]) everything, except 'Debug aufs'

  8. Exit config and save. Break with CTRL-C at the next step. A file named config.local
     is created, which is the new config for this version. Copy it over config.x86_64 or
     config, depending on the arch you currently are. Do this for BOTH i686 and x86_64.
  9. Delete the sha256sums lines at the end of PKGBUILD. Run 'makepkg -g >>PKGBUILD'.
 10. Test on both i686 and x86_64. If all is well, commit and push to the repo.

* On patchlevel bumps, things are simpler. Just update the $_pfrel number and reset $pkgrel
  to 1. Then go through steps 9-10 of the previous section.

* The $pkgrel variable should only change if:
  1. Current PKGBUILD breaks compilation of linux-pf or dependent modules.
  2. A change to config is made that results into a different binary package.