(c) Michal Novak (it.novakmi@gmail.com)

Licensed under MIT License (see LICENSE file).

The yangbuilder is Groovy builder for the Yang Modeling Language (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YANG)[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YANG)].
It can be used to generate yang data models using programming language (groovy) and still keep the
syntax similar to the yang syntax. This becomes useful when reusing parts of the data model that cannot be
reused with yang features. The yangbuilder simplifies maintenance of different versions of the
yang data model (e.g. release or customer specific versions).

For more information and description look at Asciidoc documentation (docs/yangbuilder.ad).
See also examples in the examples/scripts directory.

Example of the yang data model

container timeout {                                             
   leaf access-timeout {                                       
       description "Maximum time without server response";
       type uint32;
   leaf retry-timer {
       description "Period to retry operation";                
       type uint32;

Example of the groovy yangbuilder data model

container timeout, {                                             
   leaf "access-timeout", {                                       
       description "Maximum time without server response"
       type "uint32"
   leaf retry-timer, {
       description "Period to retry operation"                
       type "uint32"

Example of the groovy yangbuilder data model written in compact syntax

container "timeout", {
    leaf "access-timeout", type: "uint32", description: "Maximum time without server response"
    leaf "retry-timer", type: "uint32", description: "Period to retry operation"