illume avatar illume committed 51ea31f

Buffer overflow in event_str. Fixes #67

Thanks Tom Knight.

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 event_str (PyObject* self)
     PyEventObject* e = (PyEventObject*)self;
-    char str[1024];
+    char *str;
     PyObject *strobj;
+    PyObject * pyobj;
     char *s;
+    int size;
 #if PY3
     PyObject *encodedobj;
     s = PyString_AsString (strobj);
+    size = (11 + strlen(name_from_eventtype (e->type)) + strlen(s) + sizeof(e->type) * 3 + 1);
+    str = (char *) PyMem_Malloc(size);
     sprintf (str, "<Event(%d-%s %s)>", e->type, name_from_eventtype (e->type),
     Py_DECREF (strobj);
-    return Text_FromUTF8 (str);
+    pyobj = Text_FromUTF8 (str);
+    PyMem_Free(str);
+    return (pyobj);
 static int
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