pygame /

#!/usr/bin/env python

"""Quick tool to help setup the needed paths and flags
in your Setup file. This is not usually needed on linux,
unless you have your dependencies compiled but not installed.
It is best to make sure the dependencies are already compiled
before running this script, otherwise the link directories
will probably not find the correct directory.

import os, sys, shutil
from glob import glob

huntpaths = ['..', '..'+os.sep+'..', '..'+os.sep+'*', \

class Dependency:
    inc_hunt = ['include']
    lib_hunt = [os.path.join('VisualC', 'SDL', 'Release'),
                os.path.join('VisualC', 'Release'),
                'Release', 'lib']
    def __init__(self, name, wildcard, lib, required = 0): = name
        self.wildcard = wildcard
        self.required = required
        self.paths = []
        self.path = None
        self.inc_dir = None
        self.lib_dir = None
        self.lib = lib
        self.varname = '$('+name+')'
        self.line = ""
    def hunt(self):
        parent = os.path.abspath('..')
        for p in huntpaths:
            found = glob(os.path.join(p, self.wildcard))
            found.sort() or found.reverse()  #reverse sort
            for f in found:
                if f[:5] == '..'+os.sep+'..' and os.path.abspath(f)[:len(parent)] == parent:
                if os.path.isdir(f):

    def choosepath(self):
        if not self.paths:
            print 'Path for ',, 'not found.'
            if self.required: print 'Too bad that is a requirement! Hand-fix the "Setup"'
        elif len(self.paths) == 1:
            self.path = self.paths[0]
            print 'Path for '':', self.path
            print 'Select path for '':'
            for i in range(len(self.paths)):
                print '  ', i+1, '=', self.paths[i]
            print '  ', 0, '= <Nothing>'
            choice = raw_input('Select 0-'+`len(self.paths)`+' (1=default):')
            if not choice: choice = 1
            else: choice = int(choice)
                self.path = self.paths[choice-1]

    def findhunt(self, base, paths):
        for h in paths:
            hh = os.path.join(base, h)
            if os.path.isdir(hh):
                return hh.replace('\\', '/')
        return base.replace('\\', '/')

    def configure(self):
        if self.path:
            self.inc_dir = self.findhunt(self.path, Dependency.inc_hunt)
            self.lib_dir = self.findhunt(self.path, Dependency.lib_hunt)

    def buildline(self, basepath):
        inc = lid = lib = " "
        if basepath:
            if self.inc_dir: inc = ' -I$(BASE)'+self.inc_dir[len(basepath):]
            if self.lib_dir: lid = ' -L$(BASE)'+self.lib_dir[len(basepath):]
            if self.inc_dir: inc = ' -I' + self.inc_dir
            if self.lib_dir: lid = ' -L' + self.lib_dir
        if self.lib: lib = ' -l'+self.lib
        self.line =' =' + inc + lid + lib

DEPS = (
    Dependency('SDL', 'SDL-[0-9].*', 'SDL', 1),
    Dependency('FONT', 'SDL_ttf-[0-9].*', 'SDL_ttf'),
    Dependency('IMAGE', 'SDL_image-[0-9].*', 'SDL_image'),
    Dependency('MIXER', 'SDL_mixer-[0-9].*', 'SDL_mixer'),
#optional copied libs
    Dependency('SMPEG', 'smpeg-[0-9].*', 'smpeg')

def confirm(message):
    reply = raw_input('\n' + message + ' [y/N]:')
    if reply and reply[0].lower() == 'y':
        return 1
    return 0

def writesetupfile(DEPS, basepath):
    origsetup = open('', 'r')
    newsetup = open('Setup', 'w')
    line = ''
    while line.find('#--StartConfig') == -1:
        line = origsetup.readline()
    while line.find('#--EndConfig') == -1:
        line = origsetup.readline()
    if basepath:
        newsetup.write('BASE=' + basepath + '\n')
    for d in DEPS:
        newsetup.write(d.line + '\n')
    while line:
        line = origsetup.readline()
        useit = 1
        for d in DEPS:
            if line.find(d.varname)!=-1 and not d.path:
                useit = 0
        if useit:          

def main():
    global DEPS
    print __doc__
    if os.path.isfile('Setup'):
        if confirm('Backup existing "Setup" file'):
            shutil.copyfile('Setup', 'Setup.bak')

    allpaths = []
    for d in DEPS:
        if d.path:

    basepath = os.path.commonprefix(allpaths)
    lastslash = basepath.rfind('/')
    if(lastslash < 3 or len(basepath) < 3):
        basepath = ""
        basepath = basepath[:lastslash]

    for d in DEPS:

    print '\n--Creating new "Setup" file...'
    writesetupfile(DEPS, basepath)
    print '--Finished'
    if os.path.isdir('build'):
        if confirm('Remove old build files (force recompile)'):
            shutil.rmtree('build', 0)

if __name__ == '__main__': main()
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