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Nowell Strite  committed 5f564bb

Fixed markdown user link rendering to not include paragraphs.

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File atlassian-jira-markdown-plugin/src/main/java/com/atlassian/labs/markdown/jira/JiraMarkdownProcessor.java

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         // in order to get full user profile link rendering we end up using the wiki render to turn [~xxxxx] into a user profile link
         // freaky eh?  wiki in markup inside wiki?
         String wikiLink = rendererManager.getRendererForType(AtlassianWikiRenderer.RENDERER_TYPE).render(markup, issueRenderContext);
+        // The wiki renderer sees that we are only rendering the name link,
+        // and so it wraps it in paragraph tags which we do not want.
+        wikiLink = wikiLink.replaceAll("<p>", "");
+        wikiLink = wikiLink.replaceAll("</p>", "");