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Ian Lewis  committed 72332ea

Updated the base name for tests that get feed data

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File lifestream/tests/base.py

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 from testserver import PORT,FeedParserTestServer,stop_server
-class BaseTest(DjangoTestCase):
+class FeedTest(DjangoTestCase):
     base_url = ""
     def setUp(self):

File lifestream/tests/feed_tests.py

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 #!/usr/bin/env python
-from base import BaseTest
+from base import FeedTest
 from lifestream.models import *
 from lifestream.feeds import update_feeds
-class RssFeedTest(BaseTest):
+class RssFeedTest(FeedTest):
     fixtures = ["rss.json"]
     def test_bitbucket_feed(self):
         self.assertEqual(Item.objects.filter(feed__pk=2).count(), 10)
-class AtomFeedTest(BaseTest):
+class AtomFeedTest(FeedTest):
     fixtures = ["atom.json"]
     #TODO: test fails.
         self.assertEqual(Item.objects.filter(feed__pk=101).count(), 25)
-class RegressionTest(BaseTest):
+class RegressionFeedTest(FeedTest):
     fixtures = ["regressions.json"]
     def assertNotEmpty(self, v):