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Fixed #41 - Handle ssh+svn URLs of editables correctly.

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-Pip supports the URL schemes ``svn``, ``svn+http``, ``svn+https``
+Pip supports the URL schemes ``svn``, ``svn+http``, ``svn+https``, ``svn+ssh``.
 You can also give specific revisions to an SVN URL, like::
     -e svn+http://svn.myproject.org/svn/MyProject/trunk@2019#egg=MyProject


             revision = max(revision, localrev)
         return revision
+    def get_url_rev(self):
+        # hotfix the URL scheme after removing svn+ from svn+ssh:// readd it
+        url, rev = super(Subversion, self).get_url_rev()
+        if url.startswith('ssh://'):
+            url = 'svn+' + url
+        return url, rev
     def get_url(self, location):
         # In cases where the source is in a subdirectory, not alongside setup.py
         # we have to look up in the location until we find a real setup.py
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