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Added news for the last couple of changesets.

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 * Fixed uninstallation on Windows
 * Added ``pip search`` command.
+* When using the ``$PIP_LOG_FILE`` option, pip now logs to a central location
+  by default and constantly overwrites the file. On Unix and Mac OS X this is
+  ``'$HOME/.pip/pip.log'`` and on Windows it's ``'%HOME%\\pip\\pip.log'``.
+  Use the separate ``'--log'`` command line option for a complete (appended)
+  logfile.
+* Fixed an issue with Git that left a editable packge as a checkout of a
+  remote branch, even if the default behaviour would be fine.
+* Fixed installing from a Git tag with older versions of Git.
+* Expand "~" in logfile and download cache paths.
+* Speed up for installating from Mercurial repositories.
+* Fixed installing directly from directories (e.g.
+  ``pip install path/to/dir/``).
+* Fixed installation of editable packages with ``svn+ssh`` URLs.
+* Don't print unwanted debug information when running the freeze command.